Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to Square One- CSF is normal

In my ongoing quest to get a new diagnosis, last month I had a lumbar puncture. The good news: the procedure and the recovery were incredibly less painful than the one I had in Dec. The bad news: my Cerebral Spinal Fluid is normal. The opening pressure was ten, and all the tests they performed on the fluid were negative. Now lest you think I wanted an illness which can only be diagnosed via CSF, I was hoping they would find something for which I could receive an effective treatment. I have been sick for 6 years now, and my disease has not responded to any of the drugs nor treatments that I've tried.
This new neurologist, who specializes in headache disorders, has reached the same conclusion as all the other physicians: intractable migraine disease. He wants me to revisit some of the drugs I took years ago, thinking they might be more effective now. I am willing to try almost anything, but I disliked some of the side effects; they made me feel worse, actually. I'll discuss it with him at my next appointment.
Meanwhile, I appreciate all the support I have received from you all, my readers. Thank you for your kind thoughts and messages.